How to Use Brilliant Branding To Attract Your Ideal Clients

Often when working on creating a unique brand for a wedding photography company, the focus is on who you are, and what your business has to offer. This is both important and practical - you need to know what sets you apart from the crowd, and how you would define the character of your photography business.

However, it is equally important to look past who you are, and define who you want to serve.

A photography business is nothing without its clients, and the true essence of a wedding photography business is the intersection between the business itself, and the couples that it photographs.

Why defining your ideal client is important

When your branding is geared towards your ideal client, it is only natural that the image you project will draw those clients to you.

If your past clients rave about how you were fun, classy and made them feel glamorous, people who identify with that and want that for themselves are going to come your way.

using branding to attract ideal client

If a bride is showing off her wedding images, and that friend notices the minimalist, chic branding and packaging, it’s highly likely that you’re going to rise to the top of the list for that person when they need a wedding photographer. They may even seek out your blog, regardless of whether they're engaged or not, because they have felt a strong connection to your brand. There’s just something about your brand that speaks to them - you are offering something that makes them smile.

How to define your ideal client

Defining the ideal client or couple for your wedding photography business starts with a little bit of imagination. Like creating a mood board, patch together ideas that comprise the absolutely perfect customer - someone you’d love to work with… the kind of person that makes you fist-pump when you find out that they want to work with you.

Who is that person? Start with demographics - age, location, income, etc. Next, go a bit deeper and paint a clearer picture by asking yourself questions like:

  • What do they enjoy?
  • What gets them excited?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What fashion icons catch their eye?

Once you have that person in mind, think of how they want to feel when they look at their wedding photos.

Of course, everyone wants to love their wedding photos and they want to feel the joy of their wedding day all over again, but there are other things at play that define how your branding connects with your clients. Do they want to feel relaxed? Maybe they want to look through their photos and feel like a fashionista or a model. These are all things that will affect the way you approach the initial consultation, shooting with them, and the way you package and deliver their final images.

If you’re stuck on this, call to mind some of the most enjoyable and memorable clients you’ve served in the past. Asking the above questions about your favorite past clients will give you insight into similar people you’d like to work with in the future.

modern wedding photography

How to choose packaging and design that attracts your ideal client

When designing your materials and packaging, it’s important to keep your branding and your ideal client at the front of your mind.

Your packaging material can be the very thing that catches the eye of your ideal client and attracts them to you. Couples looking for a lighthearted and fun wedding will love to be greeted with a little confetti, or a brightly-colored notecard that simply exclaims ‘YAY!’ Super-soft ribbon and a sachet of lavender will win the hearts of the clients looking for a photographer who specializes in the ultra-romantic.

branding with confetti

By choosing packaging materials with your ideal client in mind, you’ll be building your brand’s consistency while ensuring that your calendar is filled with weddings that you absolutely can’t wait to shoot.

Images by La Rousse Weddings and A Night Owl Blog.



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