Custom Printed Tape: Design Inspiration of the Week

Though many tape companies will require large order quantities for custom printed tape, there are some DIY options as well.

One such place to get custom tape printed is T&W Coverters, Inc. However, be prepared to order a lifetime supply. The minimum order is something like 72 rolls, and each roll contains 55 yards of tape. Typically there will be a one-time plate charge to create the artwork you want printed, whether that is your studio address, logo, or a favorite phrase or quote. 

If you're using the tape to ship products to your client, make sure you get a self-adhesive carton sealing tape. Two inch tape is the standard for shipping. 

Not ready to commit to that amount of tape? Try doing it yourself. The folks over at Akula have put together an idea using not much more than a stamp pad and some masking tape. 

custom printed packaging tapePhoto via 

packed with love custom printed tape

Packed with love tape   

DIY custom printed masking tapeDo it yourself

custom printed tape

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printed packaging tape with faces

Face tape inspiration

How can you use custom printed tape to add appeal and cohesion to your brand?




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