Mockups, Logos, Fonts & Other Awesomeness from Creative Market

My mind is blown right now.

If you've never heard of or visited Creative Market, you're about to flip out.

I stumbled upon this site a few days ago, and am excited to use some of their mockup templates for my own photography studio materials. 

Idea #1: The Wallderful Collection 

I would use these templates to insert images from a client's session to help them visualize what their portraits would look like on the wall. Think of how much more likely they would be to buy a framed piece of your art if they could imagine it on the wall in their living room.

 Idea #2: White Workspace 

Have a new website design that you want to announce? Make a statement with this modern mock-up.

Idea #3: Minimalist Logos

This is one of many premade and ready to go logo and monogram bundles that definitely look anything but generic. Save some serious dough by spending $10-$25 instead of paying a graphic designer. 

Have a look around their site! So much fun stuff.


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