Featured Wedding Photographer: Bri McDaniel

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Bri McDaniel is a Georgia wedding photographer and owner of Bri McDaniel Photography. She took the time to answer some fun photography related questions and let us get to know her shining personality a bit. Read on!

Where's home? 

Atlanta, GA (aka Hotlanta- seriously it's so effin hot right now)...

What 3-4 main words would you use to describe your photography?

Diverse, Romantic, and Raw

What's in your bag? 

Canon 5d Mark 3, Canon 5d (just love the texture of the images that come from this camera, so I can't give it up) Sigma 35mm f/1.4, Canon 85mm f/1.2, Canon 135mm f/2, and 2 Canon Speedlight 430 ex 2.

One lens only, for the rest of your life. GO!

The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 - The 35 is the perfect documentary lens and the Sigma has been my favorite so far. 

Dream wedding gig? 

My dream wedding gig is definitely along the lines of Solange's wedding. That wedding broke me. Seriously after the images came from that wedding I had to go sit in the corner for like an hour to try to recover. Everything about that wedding was perfect. The outfits, the location, the intimacy, ahhh just everything. I love how different it was and how the wedding seemed to really reflect who they are as a couple. It also didn't hurt that she had the most epic fro I've ever seen on a bride. She definitely inspired me to wear my fro out for my wedding. 

Last place you traveled? 

I flew to New Orleans recently to do a one year anniversary session with my past clients. It was such an awesome experience for me because it was the first time I've ever been flown out for a day trip. 

Last time you laughed? 

Literally just now. My husband is watching an episode of Seinfeld in the other room and I can hear it. It's the episode where George doesn't come up with his date for coffee. He just left the message on her answering machine explaining that he didn't realize coming up for coffee didn't actually mean coming up for coffee. George is a hot mess. 

What's the best part of your job?

Two things actually. One is that I get to be a part of some amazing love stories and document lifelong memories. Two is that I get to spend most of my time in pjs editing with my cats in my lap. 

Favorite image you've captured recently? 

My favorite right now is the image of Leigh stepping out of the carriage. It's really dark and moody because I underexposed it more than I normally would. It's such a small moment but its so fluid and elegant. It's a moment that really inspired me to push my style and try to focus on the smaller details that tell the story. 

What makes you different?

The diversity of the couples in my portfolio. I look at a ton of wedding photographers' portfolios every day, and there is one thing that sticks out the most: all the couples look the same. There is more than one type of couple getting married. Not every bride looks the same. I believe that every love story is unique and deserves to be told in a dynamic way.

How do you use the La Rousse glass box

I use it as the final tangible product for my couples. I believe that it is important to have a tangible product. And I just love the quality and emotion of a good print product. I feel that the best way for couples to view their wedding day images is by sitting down with their new spouse and holding the images, reliving those moments one image at a time. The 5x5 glass box is just so modern and I feel it is a perfect match for my brand. 

Many thanks to Bri for sharing! You can follow her on Instagram @brimcdee or visit her website at brimcdanielphotography.com.

  • Lyn Richards says...

    Bri is so talented and has wonderful intuition about what is important to capture. I’m very proud to know her!

    On Jul 20, 2015

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