Why a Glass Photo Box Just Makes Sense

There are many ways to present images to your clients. Digitally via flash drive or an online gallery, bound in an album, or as a collection of prints in a simple proof box. But here's my personal favorite.

I have a very strong pull toward printing images. When I began my hunt for a unique box to present photos in, I found a lot of wood or linen covered options that were definitely pretty - but didn't necessarily fit my branding. 

As I brainstormed unique box ideas, I considered photo boxes made of metal, paper, and even mirrored. But then I thought, how perfect would a glass photo box be. Glass on all sides with no obstructions. Simple and modern, with clean lines. A glass box is not just a closed box on a shelf, but an invitation to open it and browse through the photos since we can see what's inside.

Your wedding and portrait clients can then select a couple favorites to frame, and leave the remaining pictures in this decorative piece to display on a coffee table or bookshelf.

These glass display boxes are designed to perfectly fit common photo dimensions like 4x6, 5x7, and even 5x5 (instagram size!). We officially decided to name it the "La Rousse Box" after my photography business La Rousse Photo

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