Featured Photographer: Katie of La Rousse Weddings

Hey everyone! Katie here. We've been doing photographer features about once a week here at Photo Bomb, and I figured I should make an appearance myself. I realized how difficult some of the questions were that we've been asking all these photographers to answer, though they seem simple I had to really think.

Read on.

Above photo by Alyssa Armstrong

Where's home? 

I am in the process of moving to Los Angeles and am excited for new inspiration!

What 3-4 main words would you use to describe your photography?

Artistic, organic, details.

One lens only, for the rest of your life. GO!

I love the 50mm 1.4, I really do!

Dream wedding gig? 

A super small wedding of maybe 10 people, somewhere in nature like Yosemite, or romantic like Paris, or hip and urban like NYC. 

Last place you traveled? 

Palm Springs, for a styled wedding shoot at the Korakia Pensione. That place is magic.

Last time you laughed? 

My dad read me something silly from the newspaper. He's the weirdest person I know.

What's the best part of your job?

Having freedom and never quite knowing where my camera will take me.

Favorite image you've captured recently? 

This lovely couple who held their ceremony at the mural room at the Santa Barbara courthouse had a string quartet playing throughout the entire day. The bride Lauren was so enamored by the musicians and paused to admire them multiple times. I like this picture because it captures that feeling, and I've had fun lately experimenting with subjects in the foreground of an image.

What makes you different?

I only shoot intimate weddings of 75 guests or less. With the guidance of a good photographer friend of mine, I came to the decision to only photograph small weddings. It suits my personality and makes me very happy.

How do you use the La Rousse glass box

Several months back, I started gifting my couples the 5x5 La Rousse glass box with a selection of Artifact Uprising prints inside. This was something that I did not tell them about beforehand, so I've been told it was a wonderful surprise! 

La Rousse Glass Photo Box

You can view my weddings website at laroussweddings.com, and follow me on Instagram @laroussephoto

Thanks for reading!

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