Styling Boards


Styling boards allow you to have a clean and simple backdrop for product photos and detail shots like rings, flowers, and shoes. They can be moved to any location with the best light. 

16x20'' s i l k / $79

20x30'' s i l k / $95


Shantung is a type of silk with natural irregularities and gorgeous texture. Our silk fabric styling boards are double-sided, so they are very versatile depending on your project. Choose from the BLUSH + IVORY combination or SILVER + GRAY.

16x20'' h a n d - p a i n t e d / $59

Created with a mixture of plaster and paint on a sturdy yet lightweight wooden panel, our hand-painted styling boards are single-sided with the option either of OVERCAST: a light gray with a hint of blue or STORM: a darker gray, also with a blue undertone. Please note that there will be variations from one board to the next. 

*These are made to order, so please allow 2 weeks production time.


Proudly made in the USA.

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