Discounted Boxes (Final Sale)

$54.00 $25.00
This selection of boxes that didn't pass quality control are now available at a steeply discounted rate!
*You may request a certain size in the note section on the cart page. We will do our best to honor size requests if the item is in stock.

We definitely don't want to throw away these boxes, and some of our damaged inventory simply has a scratch on the bottom of the glass or a couple light marks on the top. Sometimes a latch is a little bit off, or the metal has some discoloration. For the velvet boxes, there may some exposed cardboard or imperfections on the fabric.

Perhaps you can get a box that is usable for you, or for display purposes, or for holding fun things like matches in the bathroom, jewelry, dried flowers, photo booth pics, etc?

Please note that these boxes are FINAL SALE - no returns or exchanges.

They do not include special packaging (no ribbon or bumper pads).

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