Here at La Rousse Shoppe, we are obsessed with pretty packaging, typography, branding, and design.

My name is Katie Doherty and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer. In November of 2014, I was searching online for photo packaging for client gifts. I wanted to find a glass photo box so that my clients could see their beautiful photos inside and not have a solid box obscuring what it held.

I was having a hard time finding everything I needed in one place that wasn't too cutesy-fruitsy. I wanted something that had simple, yet interesting packaging that didn't involve burlap, twine, brown crinkle paper, or ruffles.

Since nothing already existed to my liking, I decided to figure out a way to make my own dream box. La Rousse Shoppe was launched with the intent to be a one-stop shop for modern photographers who value printing their work. The box and packaging is carefully and thoughtfully selected, and available to anyone looking for something unique to show off their wedding photos.